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If you need to borrow 5,000 or less, then Capital Money Loans could be the answer.

What are Capital Money Loans?

Capital Money is a broker not a lender.

This means although they will not directly be providing you with the loan they will search their extensive list of providers to find the best loan and lender to best suit the information the applicant provides.

Is the applicant required to pay any fees when applying for Capital Money Loans?

No, the applicant will be required to pay for no upfront broker fees when applying for a loan with Capital Money.

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The service they provide is free with no obligation to the applicant.

What is the application process when applying for Capital Money Loans?

The process for applying for a loan is very simple. The application form can be submitted quickly and securely on line with only basic information required.

Once the form is submitted Capital Money loans advisers will review the application and match it with the best lenders that they have approved.

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Once the application has been approved the applicant will be directed to the lender that best meets their requirements.

Once the lender and applicant are happy the money will then be released ready for use.

What are the requirements of qualifying for Capital Money Loans?

The requirements that are needed to qualify are that the applicant is 18 and over, resign in the UK, have their own bank account and have a regular income coming in.

Does Capital Money consider those with poor credit scores?

Yes. Capital Money has access to a vast number of lenders suitable for a wide range of circumstances.

So even if you have a less than perfect credit score they can match you to a lender that is highly likely to accept the applicant for a loan.

Once accepted for a loan, and the applicant finds they are unable to keep up with their repayments what can they do?

The best thing they can do is contact their lender directly as soon as possible.

Lenders can be very understanding if they are given enough information and enough time to sort the problem before it spirals.

The lender may be able to arrange a short term payment adjustment until the applicant can get back on track. They are there to help; they just need to be approached.

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