Cash Finance Direct Loans or CFD Loans specialise in Payday Loans and when considering taking out a new payday loan, please note the following guidance notes to assist you in your choice of loan.

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Payday loans are for emergencies or unforeseen financial circumstances that arise when you have not got the cash in your bank account to use to pay for the problem that has arisen

Finance Direct Loans are definitely not for long term month after month lending, but are mainly for amounts between 50 and 1,000 and for repaying in a short time.

Where can I find Finance Direct on line?

The advantage of Cash Finance Direct Loans are that they are very quick to request approval, they are normally arranged all on line and if approved, you can have the cash the same day and sometimes even within minutes.

If you have poor credit or adverse credit or have had all credit types problems in the past, you should not worry too much as the loans are based on your ability to repay on your next payday and not on how good your credit rating is.

Don’t be afraid to apply because you have defaulted on a loan or credit card in the past, as we do have Lenders that accepted all credit types history, but this is subject to a credit check and meeting the Lender’s loans criteria.

cash finance direct loans
Cash Finance Direct Loans

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Some of our Lenders require you to be employed or self-employed before they will lend you the cash and you can be a tenant, homeowner or living with parents or even people with no past credit history at all.

We should hopefully have a suitable Finance Direct Loan and Lender for every credit status and background.

If you decide to apply with us, you will also be given a choice of not just a payday loan but also a monthly installment loan that you can spread over months or years or you can also get debt help and advice if you require this as well.

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