Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, this does not mean that you don’t have a chance to rebuild your credit rating over time. There are credit cards for bad credit that are specifically designed for people looking to improve their credit score.

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It doesn’t matter what might be in your credit history, these types of credit card are easy to qualify for and will help to improve your credit score over time. You will not get access to extra benefits from traditional credit cards when you get this type of card however.

This means that rewards programs and low interest rates are not attainable. However, you can get a credit card that allows you to start rebuilding your poor credit.

The Black Diamond Visa card is one of our highest converting cards for credit and you can get more details or apply online for one.

credit cards bad creditAccepted Everywhere

Even though cards for bad credit are reserved for people looking to build their credit, they still work in the same way as traditional credit cards.

This means that you can use your credit at any store or location that accepts major credit cards. It is even possible to get cards for bad credit that do not have additional fees attached every time you use this card.

Pros of These Credit Cards

The biggest benefit of these type of cards is that you can begin building your credit right away. If you have poor credit, you will not qualify for normal cards, which means that your only option is to apply for a credit card that is specifically designed for people with poor credit.

If you have a credit score that ranges between 350 and 640, you are the perfect candidate for credit cards of this type. You can use these credit cards to rebuild your credit and track your spending habits.

The Yes Card is more like a catalogue card which will give you an instant credit line of 2500 to purchase a whole variety of goods online. The Yes Card do not take your credit score or credit history into account when applying.

Cons of These Credit Cards

Even though there are many benefits to using credit cards for bad credit, there are a few downsides to be aware of.

You will not get access to lower interest rates with these type of cards and you will not earn rewards points. These type of credit cards are designed to be basic and don’t have additional features.

There are even some types of credit cards with bad credit that require you to put money down for the full credit limit of the card. This is designed to protect the lender and makes the credit card more secured.

However, not all cards for bad credit require you to pay upfront and none of the cards we advertise ask for this.

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