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Express Finance Loans – when your life is complicated by an unforeseen expense, it’s great to know there are choices available to help you get from a challenging financial situation.

When it is a crisis, you will want an option that you could put into action as fast as you possibly can.

With that in mind, Express Finance Loans developed express loans for those who are approved.

Searching for Express Finance Loans?

Payday loans are small-amount loans meant for short term financial support when customers need it most.

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They are given over a brief term and are typically reimbursed with a customer’s next pay date.

Some expenses, however, are more pressing than many others, and for a number of them you may have to get cash earlier than later.

Consider all the surprises that life can throw at you.

Has your refrigerator suddenly decided to call it quits or will there be a storm coming and you’ve got a broken window?

Has someone stolen the mobile you need for work? Is there a family emergency and you need cash?

You can not wait until you get your next pay cheque if you want cash for an emergency.

With the payday loans of Express Finance Loans, authorised customers can get between 50 and 1500.

If approved, you may get your loan sent to your bank account after acceptance within 10 minutes.

And their staff can be obtained online or by telephone 24/7 to help you or answer your queries.

Now you can apply on the internet for a short-term loan in the privacy of your home using our application that is simple and clear-cut.

Click on the loan banners to get more information on various loan types and start your application today.

Are you looking a loan? Express Finance loans can offer a wide range from small payday loans right up to secure loans and everything in between.

Express Finance for Unsecured Loans

Express Finance can provide you with unsecured loans which can also be known as personal loans.

This type of loan is not secured against your home. In the UK personal unsecured loans are the most popular choice for borrowers as they are simple to apply for.

With an unsecured loan, you are able to use the money for anything you require, from buying a car, making home improvements, going on holiday, to pay off debts or a combination of all these.

When applying for Express Finance Unsecured loans you are able to borrow from £500- £15,000 and can be paid off over 10 years.

Express Finance for Tenants

As the name suggests Tenant Loans are suitable for those that require money that do not own their own home.

This covers those that may live with family, live in council accommodation or that rent from a private landlord.

Like unsecured loans, the applicant can apply to borrow from 500 – 15,000, depending on their circumstances and their affordability.

Express Finance for Consolidation

With an Express Finance Consolidation Loan, you are able to consolidate other debts so that you are able to pay them off and have one easy managed monthly payment.

The longer you borrow the money the lower your monthly payment will be.

However, be aware that this will make the loan more expensive over the term of the loan.

Express Finance for Bad Credit Loans

These type of loans are ideal for those that may have a history of not being able to manage their financial commitments well.

In today’s climate, it is harder and harder for people to maintain the perfect credit score with the financial pressures that are on them.

Express Finance, however, have the expertise and knowledge of the market that they are able to direct you to lenders that are more likely to accept you, even if you have a all credit types score.

express finance loans gatwick express train
Gatwick Express

Express Finance for Secured Loans

Secured Loans require the applicant to be a home owner to be able to apply.

Secured loans are typically easier to be accepted for, even if you have all credit types, as the lender has a secured way of obtaining the loan back through the equity in your home should you fail to pay.

It is very important that you are confident you can keep up with the repayments for the term of the loan, as if not you risk losing your home.

Express Finance Loans UK can also offer you small payday loans that can help you get from pay day to pay day if an unexpected bill comes up and you know you can repay back within the month.

Express Finance Loans UK specialise in unsecured loans and tenant loans.

We should have a lender for every situation and have been able to help in the past people with bad credit, arrears, defaults and CCJ’s and other adverse credit.

Searching for Express Finance Loans UK?

Choose us if you are looking for a personal loan or a cash loan for something special, like home improvements, a new car, an exotic holiday or perhaps you simply want to re-organise your finances with a cheaper consolidation loan.

Submit your application now and you will receive an instant express loans decision.

Express Finance UK do not charge upfront fees of any kind

Bad Credit Loans are for those who have less than perfect credit history and therefore are being refused for a loan from their own bank.

It may be something simple such as not appearing on the voters roll or the problem may be previous loan or credit card arrears, defaults or CCJs.

Due to our long experience in this area, we are often able to help in finding a loan where other companies have failed.

Express Finance Loans UK can provide larger loan amounts over longer periods of time.

So, if you are looking to finance a large value item, you would do well to explore Express Finance Loans to see what they can offer you for your particular circumstances and needs.

These loans from Express Finance Loans UK are unsecured personal loans and could be used for purchases such as a new car, a special holiday, expensive jewellery or similar such items.

With the loan amounts being large and the type of loan being unsecured, you would need to have a good credit score or credit history with very few blemishes.

Lastly, they can also offer you Guarantor Loans that require a friend or family member to be a guarantor on the loan, giving you a better chance of being accepted.


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