Express Finance Loans UK specialise in unsecured loans and tenant loans.

We should have a lender for every situation and have been able to help in the past people with bad credit, arrears, defaults and CCJ’s and other adverse credit.

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Choose us if you are looking for a personal loan or a cash loan for something special, like home improvements, a new car, an exotic holiday or perhaps you simply want to re-organise your finances with a cheaper consolidation loan.

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Express Finance UK do not charge upfront fees of any kind.

Bad Credit Loans are for those who have less than perfect credit history and therefore are being refused for a loan from their own bank.

It may be something simple such as not appearing on the voters roll or the problem may be previous loan or credit card arrears, defaults or CCJs.

Due to our long experience in this area, we are often able to help in finding a loan where other companies have failed.

Express Finance Loans UK can provide larger loan amounts over longer periods of time.

So, if you are looking to finance a large value item, you would do well to explore Express Finance Loans to see what they can offer you for your particular circumstances and needs.

These loans from Express Finance Loans UK are unsecured personal loans and could be used for purchases such as a new car, a special holiday, expensive jewellery or similar such items.

With the loan amounts being large and the type of loan being unsecured, you would need to have a good credit score or credit history with very few blemishes.

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