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Looking for flexy loans? Click on the banners on this page to find great lenders to suit everyone’s circumstances.

The great thing about flexi loans is you can borrow from as little as 500 up to as much as 25,000.

They will also give you the flexibility of borrowing the money over set amount of monthly repayments that best suits your situation.

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Flexy loans gives you the ultimate flexibility when borrowing money.

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The amount you can borrow will be based on your personal finances and on what you can afford.

Your repayments can be set by how much you are able to pay back each month, as long as it exceeds the minimum payment.

When applying there are no set up costs either so you know exactly how much you are repaying back.

Depending on who you apply with there are some restrictions on who qualifies for flexi loans.

All lenders will request that you are a resident.

Some companies may accept those that are 18 years and older, but some companies do not accept anyone younger that 21 and older than 60.

Some companies ask that you only apply if you meet the minimum income required to qualify for a loan. This can range from 6,000 – 12,000.

Also, depending on your credit score it will affect who will accept you.

Even if you have poor credit do not be disheartened as there are companies that will accept you for flexi loans.

Advantages of Flexi Loans

The added advantage of flexi loans is that unlike a traditional personal loan you are able to draw out funds whenever you want, without having to reapply.

This means you only pay interest on the outstanding balance on the loan.

So if you do not use all the money you only get charged interest on the money you actually withdraw.

Highlight of benefits of applying for flexy loans:

  • Opportunity to borrow as little or as much as you need.
  • Able to manage your loan to best suit your personal circumstances.
  • No upfront agreement fees to pay.
  • All circumstances catered for, even those with poor credit or low incomes.
  • Pay interest only on the money that you borrow.

If flexy loans sounds right for you just click on the links on this page and you will find lenders that will suit you.

All lenders are registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority for your security.

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