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Leopard Loans is a broker for sub prime lender that will consider offering you a loan, even if other money-lenders won’t.

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Specialist sub prime lenders can assist you in getting the credit you deserve.

Whether you have had a few problems in the past or even if you have major credit problems and cannot get credit anywhere else, we can help.

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Are you unable, or are you struggling, to meet the repayments on any type of credit or HP?

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Are banks and money-lenders unwilling to give you a loan in order to allow you to get back in control of your finances?

We can provide loans to those with bad credit ratings and we even offer unsecured loans.

To find out exactly what Leopard Loans can do for you, why not fill out an Online Application Form for a quotation without obligation.

If you are being chased by creditors for payment, we could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Sub Prime Lending

Subprime lending typically indicates the custom of giving loans to those who don’t qualify for regular loans at market interest rates as a result of their poor credit history.

Due to the increased risk linked to the borrowers, sub prime loans are offered at a rate higher than market rates.

These loans are risky for those who are giving them out, both because the high interest rates, bad credit history and sometimes, murky financial situations of the borrowers, and those who are lending.

The existing sub-prime mortgage lenders in US describes the rash of sub-prime home loan defaults that has continued into 2007 and commenced in late 2006.

The sharp rise in foreclosures has caused several leading sub-prime mortgage lenders to shut down or file for bankruptcy, leading to the collapse of stock prices for many in the sub-prime mortgage industry.

At Leopard Loans, we do the work and you get the credit. So what are you waiting for?

Just click on the banners and links on this page to start your personal loans application for a sub prime lender available online.

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