Monthly instalment loans can be a good alternative to a payday loan.

They might take slightly longer to set up and get the cash paid out, but you will find that the interest rates are a lot cheaper and lower than payday and you can spread the cost over months or even years.

Monthly Instalment Loans

Try applying for a monthly installment loan on this website and see how much cheaper and more flexible it is.

Monthly instalment loans are for higher value purchases, like a car or van or perhaps you want to treat yourself to some expensive jewellery, then a monthly instalment loan would be best suited.

When you apply, complete all the details request and then submit your application, you should get some kind of decision on line right away.

It might be a decline or it might be that it is referred, so as they can ask you for some further details or documents.

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You might get a straight forward accept and if you do, you will be given full details of the proposed loan, including interest rate used, any fees payable, how long the loan is to be repaid back over, your monthly payments, etc.

Then you will be able to see if it is affordable for you and if you are happy to proceed with the loan offer, you just accept it on line.

The loan company will then email you all of these loan details so as you have them safely.

You are under no obligation to accept any offers made, but you must be sure you can afford the monthly installment loan repayments before accepting the offer.

If you have any queries at all, please do contact the loan company directly and they will be only too happy to answer your questions for you.

What type of loans are available?

There are a wide range of loan options available depending on your needs. There are secured and unsecured loans.

With an unsecured loan this can be in the shape of a personal loan and a payday loan.

You can also have access to car loan, home improvements loan and debt consolidation loan. The options are great.

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans are unsecured. With this type of loan you will be able to use the money for whatever you feel necessary.

This is not the same as say that of a car loan that is specifically for the purchase of a vehicle.

A personal loan offers money to its user at an agreed amount with the lender.

The amount paid back is clearly illustrated and shows how much it will cost the customer per month and what interest is charged for the term of the loan.

What are debt consolidation loans for?

As the name suggests this type of loan is for the consolidation of debts.

By consolidating your debts into one very manageable payment per month it allows you to organise your debts better, possibly get a better rate in paying off your debts making it cheaper and quicker to pay of any money owed.

What is the difference between personal loans and a payday loan?

Both types of loans are unsecured, however, depending on your credit rating one may be better than the other.

If you have a good credit rating or if you require a large amount of money a personal loan may be your best option.

If you require a small loan for a short period of time or if you have a poor credit rating a payday loan may your best choice.

What factors affect my ability to be accepted for a loan?

There are many things that will affect your chances of getting a yes for a loan.

Your credit rating is the most important influence when a lender looks at your application and whether to accept you for the money.

If you have a poor credit rating your options may be limited and you are more likely to be turned down.

You must ensure that you are eligible for a loan and meet all the lenders requirements.

This could be age, where you live, how much you earn and your circumstances.

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