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We have years of experience in loans and finance with starting in the year 2000.Payday Loans Personal Loans Guaranteed Guarantor Loans Mortgages leopard loans faceWe all know that finance has been hard to get recently, but we have tried throughout this difficult period to provide a choice of lenders for every purpose.

Leopard Loans Products

Leopard Loans provide Monthly Installment Loans, Payday Loans, Personal Loans, Guaranteed Guarantor Loans, Mortgages and Re-Mortgages.

There are other credit products available too, like car finance loans and credit cards, all designed particularly for people who are having problems getting these products due to some adverse credit history.

All of our approved and registered loan lendersĀ  and product companies accept new applications from people with all credit types and backgrounds, including bad credit history and low credit scores.

We can also provide mobile cell phones with great contract deals for people with bad credit too.

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Important- The Legal Bit!

Leopard Loans encourage all visitors of the site to read this to fully understand the loan process:

Implications of Non/Late payment/Credit Score

Payday advances should be used for short-term borrowing needs only, where you are able to payback the loan within 30 days or on your next pay day.

We work with numerous lenders all of which have their own practices and distinct loan agreement terms and conditions.

However, the consequences of non-payment can include:

1. Making it more difficult for you to obtain credit in the future or having to pay default charges to the lender.
2. Paying more for your credit by extending the term of the loan and therefore the period for which you pay interest.
3. Reports being made to a credit reference agency.

So be sure to read carefully the terms outlined by the lender you have been matched with.

If you are likely to miss or have any problems making a payment you should contact the lender directly to discuss your options.

If you fail to resolve with the lender then your account may be placed with a collections agency or sold to a third party collections company.

Disclosure of Renewal

As a broker we are not involved with the decision to renew your loan.

We work with numerous lenders all of whom have their own specific renewal policies.

We encourage you to read the loan agreement terms and conditions specified by the lender we match you with carefully.

Should you have any questions or if you need to renew your loan, please kindly contact the lender you are matched with directly.

More information can be found on the FAQ’s and Responsible Lending pages.

Compliance with Regulations

We areĀ a licensed credit brokerage business authorized by the OFT under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, which effects introductions between borrowers and lenders as well as other brokers, for the purposes of entering into loan agreements.

The operator of this website is not an agent or representative of consumers or any lender and does not endorse the services offered by specific lenders.

Collection Practices

Lenders understand that peoples’ circumstances can change.

If this is the case, you must let your lender know as soon as possible and they will do their best to come to some arrangement with you.

The most important thing to note is: Don’t borrow money you don’t think you can pay back.

Some of our lenders may use collection agencies and you should discuss this directly with the lender concerned.

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