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Payday loans direct lenders – are you looking for payday loans from direct lenders rather than going through a broker?

We have them here.

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Payday loans using direct lenders are different, as the loan is funded directly from them and not through another lender.

Loans can be for up to 2,000 and once agreed can be paid directly into the agreed bank account.

For payday loans direct lenders can offer you loan amounts as they do not search elsewhere for another lender to loan the money.

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Only deals and loans are offered by the direct lender and are not there to promote other lenders deals.

All applications for payday loans direct lenders is through the lenders own website and is usually a quick and simple form to complete.

By applying for payday loans through direct lenders, it makes the application process a lot quicker as it can be approved quickly.

Payday loans direct lenders are just like normal payday loans, but instead of being brought to you by a broker, the loan is brought straight from the lender itself.

The direct lender is the one that is providing you with the funds, so your details are solely with them.

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Unlike payday loans applications that are filled in to a broker who then sends your details on to other payday lenders.

By getting payday loans with direct lenders you save on broker fees.

Quick Payday Loans Today

By applying for payday loans direct through lenders the application process is usually very quick as it isn’t sent to a third party.

The process to get payday loans direct lenders only takes a few minutes to complete the application process.

Then usually the payday direct lenders do affordability and credit checks.

When this is reviewed, a decision will be sent to you on whether you have been accepted or not.

If your application for a payday loans from direct lenders is accepted, the lender will get in touch to ensure all details are correct before releasing the funds.

The advantages of applying for a payday loan with direct lenders is you will not have to pay an upfront fee for applying for a loan.

The process can be quicker than going through a broker.

The direct lender will also not share your details with any third party lenders so your information is secure and safe.

To apply for payday loans through direct lenders, you need to be 18 years old and over, be a resident and be employed.

If you meet the above criteria, checks will then be carried out and you just need to wait and see if you are accepted.

The decision is usual made right away online so as you know one way or another.

You can find the payday application form by clicking on the link.

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