Contract Phones Bad Credit History

Contract phones bad credit so have you been turned down for a new contract phone due to having some bad credit history?

You are one of the many individuals we have helped to get contract phones with bad credit.

Get New Contract Phones Bad Credit

Winston and Charlie are just two customers we heard from that we were able to help.

Winston had been through a difficult situation as his business had gone through a rocky time and resulted in Winston being declared bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is one of the worst things to affect your credit profile and so any kind of credit where a credit check would need to be carried out Winston would highly not be accepted for.

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Due to this Winston required contract phones bad credit and did a search and found our page.

He read through the advice on the page and chose the company he felt best suited his circumstances.

Contract Phones Bad Credit

It cost Winston nothing to apply and it was totally obligation free.

Winston’s credit score did still have an affect on what he was accepted for and was offered a SIM only contract initially.

After 6 months once he had shown the company he was able to keep up with his payments they offered him a contract phone with a relatively new model of handset.

Winston knew this was progress and a way for him to try and improve his credit score for the future.

Winston’s search for contract phones bad credit paid off and he is enjoying his new mobile contract.

No matter how bad your credit is, there are options for getting contract phones out there, but you do need to be realistic of what you may be accepted for.

Another Customer Review Story

Charlie from Swansea was in a similar situation. She had several late payments on loans and credit cards due to her being made redundant.

Charlie was desperate for a new phone as it would come in useful for the new job she had been successful for.

Charlie had been declined by one of the major high street phone providers and knew she would need to look into contract phones bad credit.

She did a search for contract phones bad credit and she came across our website.

Charlie applied with a few of the lenders as they were all obligation free to apply.

She got accepted for a good contract and a great handset and she was very happy with the result.

If like Charlie and Winston you are finding it hard to get accepted for contract phones, then by clicking on the links on this page you will be taken to contract phones bad credit that you may have the chance to be accepted for.

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