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Looking for Payday Loans?

Payday loans are different from traditional loans, because they are short-term same day personal loans that are for relatively small cash amounts.

When you go to the bank for a loan, this type of loan is often for a large sum and is paid off long-term.

Payday loans are often referred to as cash advances, because they are designed to give people access to fast cash.

If you are employed and can show proof of employment, you often have the ability to qualify for a payday loan.

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Three Features

There are typically three distinguishable features that make payday loans unique from other loan types.

The main feature is that they are for small amounts.

The typical amount of a payday loan is around 500 or what would typically be close in amount to a pay cheque.

The loan is due in a short period of time that is normally set at your next payday, although the loans we advertise can be spread over much longer periods.

In order to qualify for a payday loan, you often have to give your checking account information for the funds to be taken directly from your account.

It might be possible for you to also write a check from your account for the amount due.


The biggest difference from payday loans and other loans is the loan approval process.

The guidelines for qualifying for a payday loan are minimal and qualifying can be done immediately or within hours.

This means that you do not have to wait long periods of time to get access to the cash you need.

There are fees associated with a new payday loan, including interest rates.

You have to pay a percentage for the total amount of the loan.

Many of the interest rates on payday loans are high, because this is the only loan option for many applicants.

When you are given the funds it can be done through cash or a debit card with the amount of loan accessible.

Laws and Regulations

Due to the popularity of payday type loans, there are some regulations that payday lenders do have to follow.

This means that there are restrictions on the interest rates that can be charged and the total loan amounts.

Since payday loans are fairly easy to obtain, many people get these loans for emergencies that crop up.

What are payday loans?

A payday loan is an unsecured loan, usually borrowed for a small amount of money over a short period of time.

They are ideal if you need money fast and at short notice, and for those that may have a less than perfect credit score.

How much and for how long can you borrow on payday loans?

Typically you can borrow up to £2000 with some lenders when applying for a payday loan.

A payday loan are ideally used in between paydays.

However, if you are borrowing at the higher end then you can borrow up to 12 months to make your payments more manageable.

What can you use the money you receive from the payday loan for?

Unlike specific loans like a car loan or home improvement loan, payday loans can be used for anything you wish.

This could be an unexpected bill like a vet’s bill, it could be to buy a replacement oven or washing machine, or to make home repairs, and the use of the money are limitless.

With a payday loan it offers you the flexibility to use the money for whatever you require.

Can those with bad credit apply for payday loans?

Although mainstream lenders are unlikely to accept you for a loan due to a poor credit rating, our payday loan lenders think differently.

They know that life can throw us situations that can have a detrimental effect on our credit profile, but they believe people should have a second chance and a helping hand.

So don’t be worried about applying for a payday loan with bad credit, as the lenders are there to provide you with the help you need.

What do you need to apply for payday loans?

The application process for a payday loan with most lenders is very simple and straightforward.

The application form will request personal information, ask questions about your financial circumstances as well as your employment.

If accepted they will also ask for your bank details for the loan to be transferred in to.

From the start of the application form to being accepted to receiving the money it could be in your account within 24 hours.

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