To Payday or Not to Payday?

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There is a lot of coverage in the Press recently about Payday Loans in the UK as to whether to payday or not to payday.

So, To Payday or Not to Payday You May Ask?

There is no doubt that there are some Payday Lenders out there who are charging exorbitant rates for Payday Loans and have additional fees and charges on top of very high APR % rates too.  

Thankfully these types of Lenders are in the minority, but you should be vigilant and search out a reputable Payday Loan UK Lender.

We only use Payday Lenders that are fully compliant and registered and you can have confidence in applying with us for a Payday Loan.  

Applications are quick and you will find out in a few minutes if you qualify.

There are no up front fees to pay and all charges are shown clearly before you agree to anything.

to payday or not to payday to be or not to be

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You could also look at unsecured personal loans instead. With these loans, you can repay the loan over longer periods, which will help the affordability of the new loan.

With them being unsecured, there is no risk to your property getting repossessed if these unfortunate circumstances raise their head in the future.

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