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With a guarantor personal installment loan you can borrow from very little to a large amount, your circumstances depending what you will be accepted for.

Similar to personal loans

Guarantor personal installment loans are similar to that of personal instalment loans but instead of signing up to the loan solely, with a guarantor loan you sign up with another other person, this is the guarantor.

The lender will ensure that the guarantor named on the loan has a good credit history.

With this extra security on the loan the chances of being accepted are higher, even if the applicant has bad credit.

Some lenders also ask that the guarantor is a home owner, but there are non home owner guarantor loans available but can be harder to come by.

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The application process for guarantor personal installment loans is usually very quick and simple.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the application form and once submitted the lender will carry out an affordability and credit check.

Once this is reviewed a decision will be made and confirmation will be sent to the applicant on whether they have been accepted or not for the loan.

In some cases, the lender may contact the applicant and the guarantor to confirm any details.

Once the lender, applicant and the guarantor are happy, then they will ask both parties to review and agree the terms and conditions of the loan so that they can release the funds.

Guarantor Personal Installment Loans are an excellent option for those that may have a less than perfect credit score

By going in to the loan with another party, especially someone who has a good credit score and is a home owner, the lender will see the application as less of a risk to agree to than if the applicant was going in to the loan process alone.

The guarantor can be anyone that is known to the applicant, for example, a family member or a friend.

The guarantor should be made very aware that should the primary applicant fail to keep up with the repayments on the loan it will fall on them that is named as guarantor to take the debt on.

As long as both parties are happy then it can be a great way of the applicant getting accepted for the money they need.

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