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Easy Loans are a specialist financial services company that has been established for over a century.

Leopard Loans are Finance Brokers and we can refer your enquiry to many different companies that we think can assist you in getting your loan.

Get Easy Loans The Easi Way

We deal with Easy Loans and by applying with us, you can be sure that your application will get to the best financial company available on the day of application.

Please apply on the relevant link and this will start the process.

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Don’t forget, this is all without obligation – you are not committed to anything until you receive your pay day loans check and cash it in the bank.

With the assistance of our state-of-the-art computer system, everything is processed quickly and with the least amount of hassle.

Your application is 100% confidential. We won’t contact anyone unless we have to and only then with your prior permission.

Easy Loans Give You Peace of Mind

We are one of the fastest growing Loan Companies today and you can apply with confidence

As our name implies, the whole point of the site would be to make things truly Easy!

There are no hidden costs for anything on no upfront payments and this site – What could possibly be more easy?

Our brand implies that we just help those with poor credit – this is far from the reality too.

Whilst we only have one application form, it permits US to get a penetration to the risk when we determine what rate of interest to charge that each borrower brings.

We are going to then place an offer that is unique to you – including rates and amounts – and you’re free to accept or reject it at any moment.

We make our own lending decisions typically. Welcome finance loans is another lender to have a look at too.

Cash Finance Direct Loans

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