Is This The iPhone 8?

Is This The iPhone 8? – The highly anticipated iPhone 8 is to be released next week and there has been many leaks of what the new handset will look like and feature.

Now only a week to go till its unveiling and a new video from Reddit has emerged of what the new iPhone may look like.

The leaked video confirms many rumours that have been talked about for several months.

However, certain aspects of the video suggest that this isn’t the real deal and may be a fake.

The fact that the top of the display isn’t symmetrical and the fact it is blurred makes many on Reddit question the legitimacy of the video and its content.

What we do know is Apple has confirmed that the upcoming official reveal will take place next week September 12 at the new Steve Jobs theatre within the ‘Spaceship’ HQ.

There are rumours circling that the new device will be called ‘iPhone X’ to celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary.

is this the iphone 8
Is This The iPhone 8?

iCulture also suggested that the iPhone X will be released alongside the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

If this is correct then this would be the first time Apple has not created the S generation.

However, there is talk that the top of the range handset will be known as iPhone Edition. Other sources, 9to5Mac, believe it will instead be called the iPhone Pro.

Other rumours circulating is that the new iPhone is designed to have an invisible fingerprint sensor that would be positioned under the devices screen.

Contradicting reports however say that Apple are instead using facial recognition. Both may be true however and Apple may decide on using both methods.

The price of the new iPhone will cost approximately £765 ($999) for the base model. The iPhone 8 with more storage will come at an extra price however.

The photo and video capability of the new iPhone 8 will have 4K video at 60 frames per second, which would be two times faster than its predecessor.

The phone will also be able to capture the best photos when shooting particular views, like fireworks.

The look of the new iPhone 8 is set to change with the edgeless display.

The screen also enables users to use the tap to wake which just requires the user to tap the screen to start the device.

Unlike its predecessor the new iPhone 8 will come in only 4 colours; white, black, rose gold and the new mirrored covering.

If the rumours are correct users may also find the new wireless charging a joy rather than being restricted by wires and cables.