Used Car Finance Options

used car finance

Used Car Finance Options – used car finance is an increasingly popular way of purchasing used vehicles, enabling buyers to spread the cost over an affordable payment schedule. There are various types of car loan agreements such as PCP and HP.

Personal Contract Purchases (PCP) have become the preferred vehicle financing solution in Britain. Yet as costs of living continue to soar, fears arise that this car finance bubble could burst.

How to finance a used car

Purchase of a new or used car is often an expense that many cannot afford, yet financing your purchase may offer significant cost savings. One easy and quick way of calculating monthly payments online car finance calculators.

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and hire purchase agreements offer various ways of financing a used car in the UK, typically including making deposits and regular payments until completion of the loan period; during which time, ownership of the car remains with the finance company until final payments have been made in full.

Even if your credit is poor and income limited, guarantors may still help you secure a used car loan by standing as financial guarantees for repayment if needed.

Car supermarkets

Car supermarkets have become an increasingly popular option for people searching for used cars, as they provide many choices at one convenient location. Some offer large inventories so it is easier to quickly compare vehicles before selecting your selection.

Additionally, many provide lower interest rate financing packages than traditional dealers as well as extended warranties beyond any manufacturer warranty available with their vehicles for sale.

Car dealerships typically sell everything from frugal city cars and high-performance sports cars, to luxurious saloons. Their stock includes models from different manufacturers in different sizes and colours. Furthermore, they may accept vehicles as part-exchange and help customers settle existing financing deals.

Finance options offered at car supermarkets typically include PCP and HP, with competitive financing rates provided across both programs. Most reputable car supermarkets also have returns policies in place should the vehicle not match up as described.


Many dealers in the UK provide car financing options, making purchasing your used car easier than ever before. Furthermore, dealers typically provide additional services like warranty products and inspections which make buying from a dealer safer than purchasing it privately as it will likely have been professionally inspected to guarantee its condition.

Some dealers may provide finance quotes directly from a manufacturer’s finance company, which may make life simpler. But shopping around to find the most competitive rates can pay dividends; just make sure that you read all terms and conditions thoroughly first!

Nearly new cars (especially dealer pre-registrations cars) typically offer a wide variety of finance options; however, for older models which have been driven frequently or may have high mileages the selection can be more limited; however specialist providers may still help extend contract periods and avoid punitive excess mileage charges.

Finance calculator

When financing a used car in the UK, there are multiple financing options available to you. From personal loans and hire purchase plans (HP), all the way to PCP deals – as well as buying from either dealers or private sellers – you have several ways to finance it. Personal loans offer flexible financing solutions while still having reasonable monthly costs compared to other forms of finance.

Quick Car Finance, a reliable online lender, can give you an idea of what loan amount or monthly payments would suit your financial circumstances best. They work with car dealers throughout the country as well as offering motorcycle and van financing options.

Lenders require proof of your address and income – this could include utility bills, council tax statements or payslips as evidence of these factors. Before applying for car finance it is also crucial that you meet their criteria; this may prove challenging if you are new to the UK with no established credit history.

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